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FSD3 will have face-to-face modified graduation for seniors on June 5, 2020. Seniors will participate in a parade that will end up at LCHS, where Seniors will participate in modified commencement where each graduating senior will walk across the stage to receive his or her HS diploma. Each Senior will receive two guest tickets. There will be a tassel turning ceremony outside after the graduation service.


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Grading Guidelines During School Closure

Pre K – K

Students in grades PreK-K will receive a Semester 2 Report of Progress at the end of the year. This report will highlight students’ strengths and areas for growth, taking into account their remote learning and work they did at school prior to school closure.  All work completed remotely will be graded for participation and engagement, teachers are expected to provide feedback to improve students’ understanding of the material for continued progress.

Grades 1-12

Based on direction from the State Department of Education, students in grades 1-5 will not get a standalone grade for 4th quarter/nine weeks; instead, South Carolina students will receive a second semester grade only. Grades given while students are out of school will be based on student participation and work quality. Participation and work quality will be measured by: completion of work (packets or digital), phone calls/emails, Google Classroom assignments, grades on eLearning platforms etc. Students will be given participation grades that correspond to a numeric grade based on the following four categories: Meets Expectations (100), Approaches Expectations (85) and Does Not Meet Expectations (70) and Failure to Complete (50). 

We realize that it is difficult for students to learn some concepts without direct, in-person access to a teacher. We also recognize that students and families have varying levels of support. We are asking parents to do the best they can to help students complete the assigned work.  Teachers will continue to provide feedback to students and may ask them to redo work to support their learning. 


Based on direction from the State Department of Education, seniors will need to have all work completed by May 15th. Teachers who teach seniors will ensure the curriculum has been completed by May 15th in order to comply with this deadline. We are committed to finding a way to celebrate their graduation, even if we are prohibited from hosting traditional graduation ceremonies, or if we must postpone those ceremonies until later in the summer. 

Students who are taking AP and Dual Credit courses will still be graded using traditional grading methods since these courses carry potential college credit. Students should talk with their teacher regarding specifics around grading and expectations for these classes during the closure.

Students will get at least one grade per week per subject.

When packets are returned- students will receive grades using the rubric below

Packet 1- due by April 3rd (assignments 1-5= grade for week 1/ assignments 6-10 =grade for week 2/ assignments 11-15= grade for week 3)

Packet 2- due by May 4th (assignments 1-5=grade for week 4/ assignments 6-10= grade for week 5/ assignments 11-15= grades for week 6)

Packet 3- if needed due by May 29th - (Created by teacher using the district’s Ready curriculum.)

Meets Expectations



Approaches Expectations


Does Not Meet Expectations


Failure to Complete




* logs on daily for eLearning

*completes all assignments (packet)


*logs on 3x per week for eLearning

*completes most assignments (packet)


*logs on 2x per week for eLearning

*completes some assignments (packet)


*logs on 1x or less per week for eLearning

*completes for very few assignments (packet)

Work Quality

*very few errors

Work Quality

*some errors

Work Quality

*lots of errors

Work Quality

*Failure to complete or mostly errors

For eLearning

Because teachers are communicating and monitoring students weekly, they are fully aware of student effort and participation.  Therefore, teachers will give a weekly participation grade using the above participation part of the rubric.  They will average that grade together with the weekly grades given by the online program (ensuring that struggling students have redo opportunities before the grade for that assignment is counted).

For both packets and eLearning-

  • Students will be given at least one grade per week per subject
  • Weekly grades will be averages together for a 4th 9 weeks grade.
  • Third and fourth 9 weeks grades will be averaged together for one final grade.

Title One Parent Survey

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Spanish -  Title One Parent Survey
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Students attending Lake City High School agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the AUP form.

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Florence School District Three will host a Parent Academy, featuring five resource courses for parents, guardians and community members. The Parent Academy promotes parental involvement and the enhancement of student achievement. Classes within the Parent Academy will promote student achievement, parenting, advocacy, personal and individual growth.

Parent Academy sessions will be held from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. - September 9, September 16, September 23, September 30th.  

Parent Academy Celebration will be held (6:00-8:00 p.m.) Monday, October 7, 2019 at Main Street Elementary.  A light dinner and childcare will be provided.  Door prizes will be given at each session.

Parent Academy is a free parent engagement initiative of Florence School District Three that informs and empowers families as advocates and partners in their children's education.  Workshops provide families useful information that will help them support their children's academic and social-emotional well-being.

The Parent Academy is funded from Federal Title I funds.

For questions or to register, contact your school’s Parent Liaison or Ms. Theresa Burgess at (843) 374-8652 or

Parent Academy in the Community
-Morning Glory Community - Saturdays (10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.) Sept. 14th and Sept. 21st.
Matthews Road Community sessions:  Saturdays (10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.) Sept. 28th and Oct. 5th

We're bringing the Parent Academy to you!  The Fall Session will be held in the Morning Glory Community Center located at 851 Morning Glory Drive, Lake City, SC or Matthews Road Community Center located at 398 North Matthews Road, Lake City, SC.

school supplies


The Lake City Early College High School Career and Technology Center, in partnership with Williamsburg Technical College, will have three new course offerings for juniors and seniors this year! Students who are interested in Welding, HVAC, or child care and have at least a 3.0 Grade Point Average can see Mr. Leon Burgess in the CATE building for the application. Students will also need to contact their school counselor immediately to make schedule adjustments. Students will be bused to and from Williamsburg Tech and the programs are offered at no cost to the students. Please identify the course you are interested in taking when making contact. These classes begin next week, and space is very limited. Thank you.

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