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Educating Students Who Are Equipped With The Tools Necessary To Achieve success.

  About The School  

Lake City High School: The beginnings...

Florence District Three combined its 4 high schools in 1970 to become what is now Lake City High School. The central part of the present school was built at that time. The first addition was an industrial and agricultural education site next door to the high school. The original building was expanded in 1983 with additional space for media center and more classrooms. The latest addition was the gymnasium/auditorium which was built in 1993.

100 Building - 1970, 41,490 sq. ft. Career Center - 1971, 34,223 sq. ft.

200 Building - 1983, 31,023 sq. ft. 200 Building Wing - 1989, 4,200 sq. ft.

Business Wing - 1989, 6,758 sq. ft. Gym - 1991, 34,275 sq. ft.