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The Student Government Association is pleased to have selected Ms. Maggie Stroud as our first teacher of the month for 2017. Ms. Stroud was selected by the SGA because of what she brings to LCHS on a daily basis. Ms. Stroud is a truly amazing teacher. She is always selfless and kind in her dealings with her students. She always makes sure that her students have what they need to be successful, even if that means giving out of her own pocket. It is obvious that she really cares about our students. In addition to this, she brings humor and energy to her classroom and the hallways. The students look forward to attending her class because she keeps it interesting and relevant. She always makes herself available to any student that needs her. She is often one of the first teachers to arrive to school and one of the last leave. It is not an uncommon sight to see her helping her, or other teachers’, students at this time. Lake City High School is without a doubt a better place because of Ms. Stroud. The SGA is proud to name Ms. Stroud the January teacher of the month!! Thank you Ms. Stroud!


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Panther Happenings


"Just do the best you can; no one can do more than that."


- John Wooden

Student ID's MUST be worn at ALL times. You must come dressed appropriately to school daily.

Students when you are absent you have 5 days from the day you return to turn in your excuse.


 Yearbook special $45 (February, 2017)

Please see Ms. Tonia Wilson if you are interested in purchasing a senior ad.



Jostens – 2016-2017

 Thursday, October 27, 2016

-Ring Committee Meeting at 8:30 in the gym

-Junior Class Meeting 9:00 in gym

-Senior Class Meeting 10:00 in gym

November 3 11:00-2:00 Senior Orders in Conference room at Career Center

November 4 11:00-2:00 Ring Orders in Conference room at Career Center

November 18  11:00-2:00 Ring and Senior Makeup Orders in Conference room at Career Center

February 3 11:00-12:30 Ring and Senior Payment day in Conference room at Career Center

March 2 6:00pm Ring Ceremony in gym

March 10 11:00 -2:00 Senior delivery day in Conference room at Career Center

May 3 11:00-12:30 Final Senior Delivery in Conference room at Career Center




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